Commercial Parking Management


Car Parking & Select Services offers professionally devised schemes to solve a variety of parking problems experienced by commercial establishments. We provide parking control, enforcement and management services to to commercial properties with single tenant as well as with multiple tenants across South Yorkshire Metropolitan County and Nottinghamshire County.

Car Parking & Select Services studies your parking areas and parking problems thoroughly and devise appropriate scheme to stop unauthorised parking and help reduce internal and external parking abuse. Our parkig schemes and methodical plan allows 24×7 usage of designated parking spaces for tenants, staff, business users, customers, visitors and service providers.

We control, enforce and manage with legal enforcement rights for all users. We devise and install legally worded but easy to understant parking notice signs. We empower you by creating a legally enforceable parking zone to protect your property from parking abuse. Our parking management methods ensure everyone park their car in the designated spaces and prevent parking in no parking areas such as roadways and hatched areas.

The following are our professionally devised systems and methods to address all kinds of parking problems in commercial properties:

  • Dedicated business manager
  • Customised parking schemes
  • Appropriate enforcement sign boards (legally worded)
  • Parking charge notice (PCN processing)
  • Parking permit use administration and management
  • Tenant, staff, visitor parking permit systems
  • Contractor parking permits
  • Disabled parking enforcement
  • Parking warden patrols and enforcement
  • Back office support