Retail & Leisure Parking Management


Car Parking & Select Services offers professionally devised schemes to solve a variety of parking problems experienced by retail and leisure facilities. We plan, control and manage your parking facility for hassle free parking and preventing unauthorised parking in designated no parking areas.

Key Features our customised parking control, enforcement and management services

Tenant Staff Parking: A designated parking area earmarked for tenant staff parking to allow hassle free parking and exemption from parking restrictions. Also a staff parking permit system can be introduced with staff vehicles registration in a specified list.

Customer/Patron Parking: Control and enforcement of parking of genuine customer/patron and visitors vehicles for maximum period of time by ensuring availability of parking spaces.

Protection of Disabled Parking Bays: We ensure that designed disables car parks are used by only genuine blue badge holders.

Unauthorised Parking Prevention: We monitor, control and prevent unauthorised parking in service yards and access roads. We ensure these areas are free of any vehicles leaving access to your contractors and suppliers for delivery of goods and services.